Richmond House

Low-energy refurbishment of a 1930s semi-detached house including open-plan family living space, loft extension and landscaping works

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View from kitchen to garden


The brief of the project was to create a comfortable, energy-efficient family home with a modern and airy feel.  The original house was tight and dark and had not been maintained for a number of decades.

A seamless resin floor connects the widened entrance hall down to the lowered open-plan spaces facing the garden. The timber joist ceiling of the extension was left exposed, adding to the feeling of generosity despite the constrained building footprint. 

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View from garden

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Light slot between dining area and lounge

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The roof seemingly floats over a tall glass façade at the rear, giving uninterrupted views over the newly landscaped garden and the new exercise retreat pavilion at the back of the garden.  A long rooflight with joists running across creates interesting light patterns and reflects the daylight throughout the space. 

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Staircase details

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A subtle 1930s colour scheme throughout the house ranges from warmer mid-tones  in the lounge to light green hues in the extension. An oak-veneered staircase and matching loose furniture contrast the otherwise restrained colour palette. Circulation spaces are widened and shortened to create more direct connections between spaces.

The entire house is retro-fitted with insulation to values 25% above Building regulations standards. Due to the proximity of the Heathrow flight path acoustic linings and windows were specified. 

Photography: Andy Matthews

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Loft bathroom

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Family bathroom

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